Frukt + Saana ja Olli Joulukahvi


​W​ith Joulukahvi (Christmas coffee) we collaborated with ​our local coffee ​aficionado​ roastery Frukt. Our hand drawn label design celebrates peace and love in this beautiful Red Bourbon coffee from Long Miles Coffee Project based in Kayanza, Burundi.​

This coffee ​is very clean and bright. Tasting really crisp and sweet, with jammy notes of currants and grapes and red berries. Very expressive and fruit forward cup with some florals and herbal notes in the aroma.

Roasted and designed in Turku, Finland.
Available in 250g whole coffee beans and 250g filter grind.

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Weight 02 kg
Whole beans / Grind

250g whole coffee beans, 250g filter grind